Tuesday, 10 December 2013

See Why Don Jazzy Said He Will Marry Secretly, And The Kind Of Woman He Is Attracted To

DonJazzy Reveals Plans to Marry Secretly Because He Is Afraid People Will Jinx His ‘Onome’

Mr privacy, Don Jazzy is nursing concrete plans to walk down the aisle secretly oh! He revealed this recently when he made the statement below…
“I might just be saying I don’t know when I am going to get married, but all of the sudden you will hear that I have gotten married. I like my privacy, so I might just get married and you will hear that I got married three months ago or something
like that. It is not like I don’t want people to come for my wedding o!
“It’s just that I don’t like the story. I
don’t want a situation where I will tell you people “oh! This is Onome and this is when I want to get married”. I have done that in the past, introducing my girlfriend, but people would just jinx it for us because they will just put their eyes on our thing and it might just spoil
Meanwhile if you are wondering what Onome looks like? Remember Don Jazzy said he like very curvy woman. Well this is what he Said now…
“See, I’m very very dangerous in the
sense that my mind can change
sometimes. For instance, a lot of people used to think that I like people with big hips and big nyansh – big-figured people.
“But I woke up one morning and
everything changed. I’m a totally different person now and I like my women straight up from the runway – Lepa to bad (Smiles). Some of my friends say I’m having midlife
crisis, but that’s what I like now.”

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