Thursday, 2 January 2014

Four Fire-Fighters & Heavy Lifting Gear Needed As Britain's Fattest Woman Dies

Firefighters were forced to use heavy lifting gear to move Britain's fattest woman, who died weighing 40 stone, after paramedics were unable to lift her body from her family home.
Rita Atkinson, 65, of Hellifield, North Yorkshire, died earlier last month at the bungalow she shared with her husband Roy, 64.
Paramedics found they could not move her body from the house and called North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to assist with specialist equipment.
Firefighters used strops - heavy duty lifting straps commonly used by haulage companies - to take the housebound mother-of-one to a mortuary.
And after finding out she wouldn't fit into a mortuary fridge, firefighters helped paramedics move her to one with double fridges and a WINCH to lift her.
A fire service spokesman said: We assisted the ambulance service and the undertaker to move a deceased patient using strops and manpower.

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