Sunday, 1 December 2013

Photos: Editor’s Fashion Choices – Olamide’s 3 Most Fashionable Outfits Of 2013 -Which Look Is Your Favorite?

1. Our favorite outfit that Olamide rocked in 2013 has by far got to be the native attire that he rocked in London during the month of October. We love it when our celebrities acknowledge their native roots, despite the fact that they often travel internationally.

2. Our 2nd favorite outfit has got to be the infamous all white outfit that he rocked at his Dubai show in November. Many of you will remember this outfit because we put him up against Wizkid’s all black outfit, in a comparison post, and MANY of you chose Olamide’s outfit as the winner.

3. And lastly, we LOVED when we got to see a new side of him in April, with the release of his promo shots. We saw a new, improved, and extremely dapper Olamide rocking several different suits. We picked our favorite look below.

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