Friday, 6 December 2013

Lady Gaga likes smoking Cannabis because it helps her forget she’s famous

Lady Gaga has never shied away from questions about her love of smoking Cannabis – she could probably start a fan club for the stuff – but she’s now claimed it not only makes her ‘tick’ but it also helps her forget that she’s famous.Odd. But we don’t know how that feels – so we’ll run with it.
The 27-year-old made the revelation while chatting on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man when she was asked whether she got a tad peckish after she’d had a couple of puffs.
“Yes, all of those things, but you know the thing that I really fell in love with about it is that I completely forget that I'm famous.
“Just totally forget about it, and I just take a puff and I'm me when I was 17 again, in my white go-go boots, looking for a job on the Lower East Side, and there's something quite creative and liberating about it.”
She'll pose with a normal fag, too!“Because that's the one thing for me that's difficult about being famous. "I love being able to sing and perform and dance for all of you, but the stuff in between is maybe not exactly what makes me tick, if that makes any sense?”

We think it does, but we can’t stop thinking about her wandering around, stoned, wearing white go-go boots.

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