Thursday, 12 December 2013

It’s time to come alive …Learning to put yourself first

Most of us think we don’t deserve any of our own time, energy or even pampering. We work all year round trying to make money to please others and end up getting cranky, depressed, anxious and knackered. This holiday season, treat yourself like royalty and walk into the New Year rejuvenated . Here are some reasons why you need to… Others will appreciate you
Have you ever found yourself stuck on what to buy for a friend who just seems to have everything? You think you might have to break the bank just to give them what they will really appreciate. Well, it might not necessarily be because they’re vain, but are just making an extra effort to treat themselves right. You think so much about your children’s tuition and what would make your spouse happy. When last did you get yourself something you’ve always wanted but think it’s quite expensive? You give yet no one gives back to you and you don’t give yourself some niceties either. Why not give yourself a Christmas present and don’t allow guilt to ruin that joy you really want to feel because you’re worth every penny and you deserve it. Then watch how those around you react to the love you show yourself. When others see that you treat yourself well, there will definitely follow suit. Like author and philosopher Howard Thurman once said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who come alive.”
It boosts your esteem
Respect is reciprocal but you have to be able to respect yourself first. Do you feel like you’re being used by your family, friends or boss sometimes? You think you deserve that pay rise for all your hard work but it doesn’t seem to happen. Or maybe you’re trying so hard to please a friend but he seems insatiable? It’s time to stop ranting that self-pity melody and give yourself a pat on the back. Appreciate yourself and make new friends who would not only value your friendship but will also take you steps further in your career or finance. Take more courses to boost your resume as well. When you exhibit self-respect, others will automatically begin to respect you.
You are more fun to be withYou may think it’s a selfish approach to put yourself first when all you’ve been told from childhood is to please others first. However, have you ever been around a cranky or grumpy person? Nightmare right? Their mood could even rub off on you and make you have a really bad day. In the article, Tired of Being Tired? How To Put Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty or Selfish (2012), Aesha Adams-Roberts says, “Putting yourself first is like securing your own oxygen mask before helping others. Making sure your needs are met will make you a happy wife and mum!” People who put themselves first are happier, more rested and relaxed. They will definitely be more fun to be around.
It takes shorter time to accomplish your goals
In the article, To Balance Life: Put YOU First (2011), Jan Hoistad writes, “Start by putting yourself first in order to uncover your dreams and achieve your goals.” You have to be able to re-order your to-do list and put yourself at the top of your priorities. This is not about becoming selfish, it’s just way of making you have more time, energy and creativity to give to others which can equally make you earn more money for yourself, all within a shorter frame of time.
You have inner peace
Many people are guilty of putting themselves last on their schedule, if they are even there at all. In the end, they are frustrated because they are not doing what is most important and meaningful to them. In her article, Putting Yourself First (2012), Elizabeth Grace Saunders advises, “…when you always put yourself last, you can end up bitter and resentful and burnt out.”
This festive season, make yourself numero uno, so you can be of better service to humanity. Remember, even the Holy Book says, “Love your neighbour as YOURSELF.”

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