Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Woman's Face Chewed Off By Her Own Dog After She Was Knocked Unconscious [Photos]

According to the Daily Mail, a grandmother who had her face chewed off by her dog can finally see again after 100 operations to restore her sight.
Grandmother Wendy Hamriding knocked herself unconscious when she fell down the stairs and woke in agony two hours later covered in blood.
Her dog Cassie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, had desperately tried to rouse her - then became more frantic in its efforts.
Unable to curb her natural instincts, the dog began nibbling Wendy's bloodied face until it had eaten her right eye and the bone around the socket.
Mrs Hamriding, 53, who lives alone, could still see out of her left eye but had been so badly mauled she lost her remaining sight during extensive plastic surgery and skin grafts.
She remained blind for two years while she underwent a series of complex operations known as 'tooth-in-eye' surgery to restore sight in her left eye.
Mrs Hamriding now has tunnel vision in her left eye and has seen her two sons and two grandchildren for the first time since the attack in December 2011.
Despite her dog being put down, Mrs Hamriding says she owes her life to it because it saved her from an early grave through alcoholism.
Since the incident Wendy says she has kicked the bottle and is now devoting her life to helping alcoholics and heroin and cocaine addicts.

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