Monday, 6 January 2014

The New Year’s Resolutions All Nigerian Women Should Make

Picture source – Shutterchance1. Exercise 

We are most often reluctant to work out and make our physical health a priority. This new year, we should be able to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and revamp our diet to include less refined sugars, sodas, and carbs, and opt for whole grains and increased fruits and veggies.

2. Stop proclaiming you’re “Team Natural” or “Team Relaxed hair” From The Hilltops

Look, it’s not your head; therefore it does not matter whether the sister next to you has been bantu knotting her natural tresses since the beginning of time or just got a touch up at the salon. Let it go and focus on you.
3. Stop proclaiming you are going to find a white man to fix your relationship struggles

It’s so funny hearing this, its also very common. But the truth ladies, is that Black and White men aren’t all that different. When you run around proclaiming you’re “going to find yourself a white man” — as if that’s the answer to all your problems — you’re no better than the brothers chasing white women because “all black women are x,y, and z.

4.Help Your Community

Every little does go a long way. In whatever way you can, perhaps donating, rendering a service etc, commit to helping your community in your own way this year!

5. Stop Judging Others

We do this when we meet up with friends and gossip, and increasingly these days, we do it online! We are judged enough by the outside world, 2014 is a good time for us to start supporting each-other.

6. Get Your Finances In Order

Commit to getting your money right in 2014, if you need a little help, why not subscribe to Genevieve Magazine and catch up on our “Money Matters’ section.

7. Get Screened

Statistics show black women die from breast cancer at a much higher rate than white women because we tend to already be sicker when our cancer is actually identified. Mammograms — both at home and by a physician — are the best early detection tool we have. Make sure you put both on your list of things to do regularly in 2014.

8. Make Time For Yourself

Women are nurturers, and we tend to neglect ourselves in the process. Making time for everyone else except the one person that matters the most; ourselves. This year, don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first. Make time out to read, relax, meditate, and lots of spa days.

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