Sunday, 5 January 2014

POEM OF THE DAY: Young Maiden

I wrote this piece of poetry about 3 or 4 years ago, not really sure any more. I just thought i should share since its a slow day. I hope you like it.YOUNG MAIDEN

Oh fair skinned beauty

Why do you prance around like a wayward chicken?

See your soft skin glow

With the sheen lustre of many diamond stones.

When you walk

Your twin fawns mercilessly bounce

Its ample bulk convey a communal dance

Its proud nip thrusting forth like a royal crown.

See your luscious backside sway

Like two halves of the moon on ethereal display.

When you dance

Your bare feet trots to the song

Of its own, it beat an adjoining sound

A rhythm sweeter than the melody of many talking drums

I feel a heat rise off your supple hips

Piping hot seduction

With the silent promise of a fertile line.

I feel the sensuousness of your sultry lips

Soft with the lure of freshly tapped palm wine.

Fill this warrior’s heart

Oh young maiden

Quench my virile desires

So heavy laden

Open to me the treasures of your carnal eyes

Let me take you, teach you

Tame you with my cultured fingers, nimble and wise.

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