Saturday, 4 January 2014

MUST READ: Open Letter To Actress Chika Ike

Chika Ike...beautiful actress no doubt.
You went to Dubai to shop and you show us the pictures abi?....wonderful,fine,bravo! You are lodged at the worlds most expensive hotel Emirates Palace Hotel and i cant believe you actually snapped and want us to see it...including the price details?
Please send in pictures of yourself at the loo, send in pictures and receipts of the person who paid for the hotel room.... SINCE YOU WANT US TO KNOW IT ALL,DO NOT LEAVE OUT ANY DETAILS abeg you.
This is 2014,your PR team needs to look for a new way to put you out there in the news.give us clips,skits of your new movies,show us anything else apart from how much money you have to spend.

..Actress Rita Dominic wears some of the most expensive shoes but she will never tweet you the shoe or the price!

Some celebs spend weeks in this same hotel and quietly return home,they do not have their PR distributing their pics all over like akara balls. Anyways,life is good,enjoy yourself and have a great
time in UAE!

*Written by Miss S.D:

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