Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Governor Oshiomole Gives Little Girl Hawking Plantain Chips One Million Naira Cheque

According to SDK, Yesterday Tuesday January 7,2014 at New Benin by Total fuel station in Benin City. Gov Adams Oshiomole and his entourage were passing by and as usual, he was on foot while his cars were on the move.
Some little children who were hawking saw him and took to their heels but a little girl hawking Plantain chips stood crippled with fear and unable to run.
As the Governor got to where the girl was standing, he looked at her, brought out his pen and wrote her a 1 million naira cheque.
Hopefully, the money is put to good use. I guess the governor learnt a lot from the 'Go and die' saga.

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