Wednesday, 11 December 2013

''My Husband Proposed To Me 2 Weeks Into Our Relationship" - Actress Omoni Oboli

In this interview with The NET, the beautiful movie star reveals how she met her husband and best friend and how he proposed to her.
Read excerpts from the interview below...
"I met him when I first started acting in Lagos in 1996, but just for about a few minutes.
He later found me four years later in my final year and we started dating. He proposed to me two weeks into our relationship and the rest is history. There’s a great love story there somewhere. (Laughs) He must have rocked my world to the point of me saying yes, because I was just 21 years old! Many felt I was too young, but I thank God that their opinion didn’t sway my decision.
My husband is also my best friend and I can’t imagine going to functions without my best friend, so we are always together. Everyone has what works for them, and my colleagues don’t have to be seen with their husbands to show that their marriages work or not.
That’s their decision, but mine is what it is and we like it that way. It doesn’t make the husband who doesn’t like being seen publicly with his celebrity wife a bad husband, and it doesn’t follow that the best marriages are the ones that flaunt their husbands, but mine works for me."

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