Friday, 6 December 2013

Meet the Hosts of Baileys Boutique: Stephanie and Veronica

Meeting these two lovely ladies, one would tend to judge by outward appearances. Veronica Odeka, tall and imposing like an Amazon and Stephanie Coker lithe, soft and almost angelic in character. Talking with them is another issue. Veronica is articulate and passionate about fashion and the industry. Stephanie is focused, cherry and playful.
One thing they do have in common is the passion to communicate to people and the Baileys Boutique Radio Show. Continue...
Veronica is several things to many- a wardrobe consultant, a personal shopper, and a fashion stylist, who plies her trade internationally. She has worked with top fashion designers. Her knowledge of fashion is truly an asset for the Bailey boutique radio show. Listeners will definitely uncover a mother lode of information on fashion styling.
Stephanie is one of the most sought after TV presenters in Nigeria/Africa. With her intelligence and exposure in the media, there will never be a dull moment on the Baileys boutique radio show.

The two ladies have come together to present “Baileys Boutique”, an all new fashion and lifestyle radio show that is all about women, fashion and lifestyle.
The show is brought to you by Baileys Irish Cream from the stables of Diageo Brands Nigeria
The show promises to be insightful and exciting. It will showcase all the latest information on fashion, lifestyle and everything women want to talk about. The hosts have promised listeners a fun and interesting time on “Baileys Boutique” The Radio Show.
Baileys has always been in the fore front of celebrating women’s successes and achievements and has been a champion for women’s advancement and progress. To learn more about Baileys simply visit
The show airs every Friday by 8pm on the Cool FM dial 96.9. Remember you have to be 18 years and over to participate.

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