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I’m not ready for marriage-Yemi Alada

Since she clinched the star prize of N5.2 million at the first edition of Peak Talent Show in 2009, Yemi Alade has consistently proven through her performances and series of hit songs that she’s ready to be the next big thing that will happen to the nation’s music scene. The eye candy” Gheghen Love” sensation who is signed to Effyzzie Entertainment reveals in this interview why it is difficult for Reality TV show winners to succeed in the music industry. She also talks about her forthcoming album as well as her relationship with the R nB singer Dipp .

Yemi Alade
How did you get into music?
Professionally, I started getting involve in music in 2009 when I emerged the winner of the Peak Talent Show. But before then, I have been doing music for the past nine years. I used to be in a group called Naughty Spices. All my life , I have always been involved in music.
What was it like after emerging the winner of the Peak Talent Show?
Things changed. I won a reasonable prize money which I invested in my career. I used part of the money to finance my studio sessions with Eldee, Cobhams, Dj Clem , IBK and also, to shoot the video of my song ‘Fimisile’ .But the truth is that after the reality TV show, it dawned on me that I had to plan for my future.
Why is it difficult for artistes who emerge winners in reality TV show to succeed in the showbiz world?
Like I said earlier, after the show comes the reality, that nothing good can just happen at once. You just have to work for it. Reality TV shows are usually have the life span of six months or a minimum of three months. You cannot become a star overnight or within three months. You cannot impregnate a lady and expect her to give birth to her baby within three months. It’s not supposed to be easy , otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Everything in life takes time.
Would you say, you are into music to enrich yourself or just to feel the passion?
Music for me is not just a hobby, it’s a business. I cannot rule out the money aspect of it. Even successful career paths involve a lot of financial assistance .I got N5.2 million when I emerged the winner of Peak Talent Show but the money did not last up to one year. Everything went into my career and that is not the end of it. It’s been three to four years since 2009 . you can imagine the amount of money that I have invested in building my career. Won’t I be a fool spending all these monies and still, maintaining that I am not interested in the material things. I am into the business to make money, but the passion drives me. Investing in my career was the wisest thing I did with my prize money.
What’s your selling point?
Someone asked me a few days ago what swag means .I thought about it and realize that swag is not a dress code, It’s an attitude. I believe my selling point is my attitude and personality. Being beautiful and sexy is nothing without a good attitude.
What’s your take on artistes who perform without a live band?
If we were in a more controlled environment like a situation where you don’t experience difficulties with the sound that the show promoters provide, I will insist on artistes not performing with their CDs .My last show, there were no monitors on stage. A monitor is an equipment that amplifies one’s voice. Without the monitor, you don’t know if you are screaming or going off beat. What I do for myself is that I have a performance CD where I am allowed to sing live but with a backing track. It’s a fifty fifty thing over here in Nigeria.

How have you managed to stay relevant in a competitive music industry?
I think it’s a combination of three things; God who gives me courage and hope, life ,and endurance. Secondly, I work with a good team and thirdly, it’s the passion we all share as a team . These keeps us going as we hope for a better tomorrow.
What is responsible for your unusual song titles?
It’s what I want to hear in my music that determines what the title will be. I don’t like the usual .If you listen to my music , you will realize that there is something different about this girl. So, it’s the way I am inspired that determines the title I give my songs and if it gets your attention, it’s good.
Tell us about your anticipated album?
Right now, the title is King Yemi Alade. King in this case represents a bunch of things rolled into one. It stands for the few females that believe that they are more than just ordinary people. Not just ordinary queens. We are strong, independent and the word impossible does not apply to us. At an event I performed recently, I crowned someone .It’s not about the crown. It’s about the message of empowerment. You have to believe in yourself first, for anybody to believe in you. King Yemi Alade stands metaphorically means; you have the beauty of a goddess, the strength of an army and you can do it like no other person can.
What are the challenges of being an artiste in Nigeria?
One of the challenges have to do with being consistent. Artistes don’t disappear because they want to, sometimes the challenges they face could be financial. Sometimes as a female artiste, most people
end not to give you the respect you deserve. It’s a male dominated industry; it’s a man’s world. As long as you are a female they tend to put you in a corner, instead of putting you on a throne. We just have to keep doing what we are doing. These are just the few challenges.
Is Yemi tying the knots very soon?
When it comes to relationship at the moment, I am in love with my career than anything else. Let me make the money first, give me time. I will definitely let you know.
What is your relationship with Dipp like?
Dipp is a cute guy, and “Rock Your Body” is an excellent song. The video by gambit was just awesome. The chemistry is believable ? The truth is that Dipp is a good friend of mine . I believe I am a great actress and he is great actor for putting up that believable act in the video. Nothing is going on between us.

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