Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How Broke Girls Stay Gorgeous

You don’t need a bulk load of money to stay gorgeous. Check out these budget friendly tips!
by Shade A’ Onakoya
Ditch Body Scrub
Ditch that body scrub. What’s the point? Most of it goes down the drain anyway. Instead, try exfoliating mitts that you can use again and again. Lather up with your favourite body wash for full on exfoliation.

Save on Cleansers
Save your money on cleansers, it’s only really on your face for seconds. Spend your money on good moisturising creams instead.

Olive Oil

Regular kitchen olive oil is a super hair moisturiser! Massage the oil into the roots of your hair 10 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo. Its also excellent as body or massage oil.

Brighter Smile

Dentist care teeth whitening costs a fortune! Amp up you smile at home with a brush on whitening pen or teeth whitening stripes,. These are available at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Do you know any other useful tips for women on a beauty budget? Share them with us!

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