Thursday, 14 November 2013

The “Elite 3″ –The Top 3 Males In Nigeria’s Music Industry Right Now –Hate Them Or Like Them, It Is FACT, They Are On TOP

Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide are the hottest in the game right now. Their names attract fans and critics alike. Everyone wants to know what they are wearing, everyone wants to know who they are dating. All three of them are pretty young, Davido being the youngest among the three. Whenever they drop music, the fans go crazy with appreciation and the haters automatically start critiquing every single aspect of their tracks or their videos. Although the haters may have much to say at times, that is just further proving their relevance and dominance within the industry right now. Initially it was Wizkid who managed to break away from the pack, but Davido managed to steadily catch up, and after releasing several hits this year, and with the success of the “Skelewu” dance that swept the nation, it is definitely safe to say that he belongs in this category. Olamide ran a steady race throughout this year, gaining more and more fans, and probably has the most loyal supporters at this moment. All 3 of these young guys are sweeping up endorsements and awards left and right. We’ll see if they are knocked off of their thrones in 2014…
The Person To Watch: Sean Tizzle
Sean Tizzle is another young guy, and what makes him special is the fact that he’s coming in with his own sound. He’s not copying anyone who is in the “Elite 3″ …We’ll see if his baby face looks and his melodic voice have what it takes to solidify a solid spot for himself in the industry.

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