Friday, 8 November 2013

"Students Should March To Aso Rock If ASUU Does Not Resume Tomorrow" - Tinubu

At a dinner organized by the All Progressive Congress, APC,  yesterday
, its national leader, Bola Tinubu, has called on Nigerian students to take to the streets
 in support of ASUU.
 However, pundits are wondering why he is making this call at a time when 
the dispute is almost being resolved after a 13 hour meeting between President Jonathan
 and ASUU this past Monday. 
It is suspected that Tinubu does not want the strike to end. This is even as Fulani Cattle
 Rearers under the umbrella of the 
Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association have threatened to stop the sale of beef to markets
 nationwide if ASUU strike continues.
 It is instructive to note that former head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, who is a member of 
 APC, is a former  chairman of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association.
These calls have heightened suspicion that there is a political dimension to these strikes.
He urged students to take to the streets if the matter was not resolved by Friday (tomorrow)
"It is time Nigeria moves away from the spirit  of lamentations to the spirit of vibration, it 
is time
 we do not allow all
these inadequacies to continue, insincerity, lack of honesty and accountability in office.
"I am sorry if if ASUU do not resume tomorrow, I will  ask students to be out on the streets
, if 
our vehicles have no way to pass and 
if they can move to the Presidential Villa, Abuja it is their  future, they should challenge.  
You  cannot make omelet without breaking the egg. Freedom is free but it is not served
" he said.Onu, who chaired the special dinner lamented the problems of the country,
 especially continued closure of the nation's higher institutions of learning due to the
strike by the ASUU.He expressed sadness that insecurity and massive unemployment
 have taken
 over the  country and that our people are almost sharply divided along ethnic and
 religious lines.
"Our schools are no longer what they used  to be, a s most of the university students 
only know
 when they matriculate , but can  no longer accurately predict when to graduate, " he
Earlier while welcoming guests at the dinner, Lagos state Governor, Mr. Raji  Fashola
 restated his
 believe in true federalism, 
insisting that despite all threats to her survival, Nigeria will remain one united entity.
"I stand here to proclaim that the agenda facing Nigeria is not adequately captured by
 the faces
 like ethnic cleansing or terrorism but rather by our inability to improve on our founding
 father's effortto build more perfect union. By this I mean that we should be ferreting something that
 has already 
begun, namelyour federalrepublic."Those who speak about the break-up of the republic,
 speak without 
dueknowledgeof the historical precedence and repercussions of such an act. Indeed it
 is easier
 said thandone.The APC  family believes that this federal house will stand if we accept
 that real and present dangeris our neglect to improve on what we already had by insisting
 on a federation governed by rule of law physically and politically, he said.

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