Thursday, 21 November 2013

Chris Brown ordered back to rehab after throwing a rock at his mum’s car

CHRIS BROWN , man! Come on! Idiot! Don’t be an idiot forever, idiot! Here’s what he’s done now: he has thrown a rock at his own mum’s car just a week after cheerily walking out of rehab for anger management issues and now he’s been ordered back to rehab again because he is an actual idiot.

According to Sky News, the singer chucked a rock through the window of his own mum’s car on November 10, after the pair had a joint counseling session which we’re going to go out on a limb here and say went ‘not well’.

So angry!And according to a letter submitted to court by the rehab facility in which he spent three weeks in October, the reason he got angry and threw a rock through his own mum’s window is – get this – because she suggested he needed more treatment for his anger issues. WAY TO PROVE THOSE DOUBTERS WRONG, CHRIS BROWN.
“Mr Brown proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and throw it through his mother’s car window and it shattered,” the court documents said.

You think he got mad at his shirt so he took it off?As a result, the facility where Chris was staying discharged him – on the grounds that he signed a contract agreeing to refrain from violence while staying there, but throwing rocks through car windows sort of counts as ‘violence’ – but this week a probation judge ordered him back to rehab for further treatment on renewed terms.So, in review: Chris Brown got kicked out of anger management for being too angry, and now he has to undergo more anger management treatment than he was originally planning on having because he is so ruddy angry. GOOD JOB, CHRIS BROWN. TAKE THAT, HATERS.

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